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I've seen many bottles of wine opened with different corkscrews and wine openers. In some instances I have seen bottles slip out of people's hands and completely shatter. Other times I've seen people break the cork in half and either be pushed into the wine bottle or trying to reset the corkscrew and pull it out with force.

With this all being said, there is no secret formula to opening a bottle of wine. You could even open a bottle of wine with a shoe and a wall, but if you don't have the proper technique than you are going to experience problems. Every wine opener and corkscrew is different in how it opens a bottle of wine, so before using one and breaking a bottle of wine you should understand how to properly use the design of your opener. That can be a hard task sometimes since their are hundreds of different designs.

One summer I went to a party and they hired a catering service. I go up and ask if I can have a glass of wine from a nearby bottle of wine I brought. The girl bar tending then attempts to open a bottle of wine with a Rabbit corkscrew. I could tell she didn't know what she was doing, but I just let her do her thing and try and open the bottle. She then proceeded to drop the bottle of wine and it went all over the bar. I had another bottle and showed her how to properly use the corkscrew. I told her I wouldn't tell anyone and could tell she was nervous. She was happy to see how easy it was to use when you know how to properly use it. It really wasn't her fault and she was just trying to do her job, but she was not familiar with the corkscrew.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are trying to open a bottle of wine with a corkscrew or wine opener that you're not familiar with here are a few ideas to use to increase your success to get your bottle opened.

  • Placing your bottle on a secure surface where you can't drop it.
  • Watch a Youtube Video or read how to open a wine bottle with whatever corkscrew you have.
  • Ask a friend or someone if they know how to use it.

That being said, it would take forever to write about how to open a bottle of wine with every corkscrew ever made, so here are some guidelines on how to open a bottle of wine with the 3 most popular wine openers and corkscrews.


Used by most professionals and restaurants this type of corkscrew is very common, heavy duty and can last a very long time.

How To Use:

  1. Place the worm of the screw into the center of the cork.
  2. Twist until the last loop of the screw.
  3. Use the first notch and pull upwards
  4. Switch to the second notch and pull the cork out.

Make sure you have a tight grasp of the bottle, corkscrew and when placing the notches on the edge of the tip of your bottle.


These corkscrews are have become very popular over the past decade and in most cases are very simple to use. If used wrong they can be easily damaged and the parts to replace them are in most cases not worth replacing.

How to Use:

  1. Start by placing the opener on the top of the wine bottle neck.
  2. Press the downward button until your worm screw is completely in the cork and continue to hold down until it has removed the cork completely.
  3. Once your cork is removed simply press the reverse button to remove the cork.


These are nice to have because the force required to use this is very minimal. If you have arthritis or week arms than this will be nice to have. To use this you want to make sure the lever is all the way up, than you want to squeeze tight the two handles around the top of bottle, then you push down the screw into the cork, pull up and your bottle is open.

How to Use:

  1. Place the lever in the up position
  2. Place the corkscrew on top of the bottle neck.
  3. Hold securely and push down on the lever to insert the screw into the cork.
  4. When your corkscrew is in, pull the lever upwards to remove your cork.